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Choctaw Ridge (1970s)

This area of the garden has undergone several small changes, but the bones have remained the same for the last 30+ years. To the left today is the Goldner Daylily Collection, generously donated by daylily enthusiast Alfred Goldner. To the right is one of 9 annual display beds, in which are still planted the same daffodils and tulips seen in this picture from 1991.

The terrace seen in the display bed today was designed by a student employee and was installed in 2017, one of many projects MSU students have completed through the years to enhance the garden.

What remains unchanged from 1991 to today are the small windows into the garden, the views of this wonderful, sunken, hidden place to explore and learn. Footpaths in the hillside remain, allowing you to be surrounded by nature even in the heart of the bustling MSU campus. The Garden acts as a living lab that allows everyone the opportunity to find what parts of nature calls to them.