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Garden Etiquette

We welcome everyone to visit and enjoy the Garden! We provide plants, educational materials, beautiful garden beds, benches, and a lovely setting that we want you to use for your own experiences and make the Garden your own special place. Explorers can learn in a safe and welcoming environment. We invite everyone to engage with nature and become inspired.

  • We ask everyone to be mindful of the serenity of the garden environment. Please respect others, the creatures that inhabit the space, and the plants.
  • Allow other visitors to enjoy the beautiful space. The plants and flowers are for everyone to enjoy. Observe them, photograph them, and smell them, but please do not pick any flowers or collect plant material. Avoid the temptation to eat them, many of our plants are poisonous.
  • Be kind to our trees. Resist climbing, hammocks, or slacklines. Designated hammock poles are located throughout campus, including areas behind Shaw hall and in the Brody neighborhood.
  • Bring a picnic blanket for an outdoor lunch, read a book, or just lie in the sun.
  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the garden.
  • We encourage everyone to wander through the garden, while staying on designated paths and turf.
  • We want everyone to enjoy the Garden, so please dismount from your bike, leash your dog, and avoid broadcasting music or speech. Please clean up after your pets.

Thank you for your part in making the Garden a great place that everyone can enjoy.

Photos courtesy of University Communications.