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Summer 2023 Student Opportunities

Paid internships for duration of May 8th - August 18th for current MSU students. Eligible for up to 40 hours/week at $15/hour. Schedule may depend on individual positions. Multiple positions may be available for each posting!

For more information, contact Beal Garden's Education Program Director Maeve Bassett at

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Community Art Scholar

Help bring art into the Botanical Garden by partnering with on campus organization to develop programming, host performances, and support the Garden as a place of inspiration.

Desired Experience: Public education, event planning, community art

Potential Tasks:

  • Design and implement garden art programs
  • Coordinate performances in the garden
  • Support communication team with design  

Communication & Design Scholar

Spread awareness about the Beal Botanical Garden throughout the campus and broader community by facilitating online engagement and creating informational materials.

Desired Experience: Social media management, graphic design, video editing

Potential Activities:

  • Support management of website and social media
  • Editing of video materials for education and engagement
  • Promote Beal on Instagram, Twitter, and FacebookBotanical Garden Assistant
  • Schedule: M-F 6:30a.m.-3:00p.m. 

    Help maintain the Botanical Garden while learning about native plants, developing horticultural skills, and maintaining living collections. Position requires physical labor and endurance to handle all weather conditions. Ideal candidates need no prior horticultural knowledge, but do need to proactively work independently and collaboratively, be an active listener, problem solver, openminded, and reliable. 

    Potential Activities:

    • Planting, weeding, watering, mulching, pruning
    • Invasive species removal
    • Event setup

Natural Areas Biodiversity Scholar

Work in the campus natural areas to record plant species and identify current and arising risks to biodiversity. This position requires a driver’s license.

Desired Experience: plant identification, invasive species management

Potential Tasks:

  • Identify and document plants growing in the campus natural areas
  • Identify and record areas of concern
  • Work with botanical garden and campus team to develop impact mitigation proposals