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Nurture Your Roots

The Garden welcomes you to make space for your health and wellbeing with our Nurture Your Roots program. Our various rooting stations are designed intentionally to help you cultivate a better day for yourself and flourish in your everyday life. Head to one of our rooting stations to scan a QR code for zone-specific music, join us for pilates in the garden, or enjoy a guided meditation as you stroll through nature. These are just a few options we offer as part of our Nurture Your Roots program. Embrace the tranquility of nature as you explore these rooting stations and witness as you grow healthier habits for yourself. Download a printable map

We would like to thank all who have contributed to the Nurture Your Roots program. This program would not have been possible without their involvement and collaboration.
     - Graphic design: Brenda J. Sanborn
     - Rooting Station construction and installation: Michigan Imagery
     - Pocket Journal: Elliot Pancioli
     - Guided meditations: Dr. Claudia Finkelstein
     - Music features: Elene Kobulashvili, Zhangziyi Han, MSU Sound Session
     (Matt Fox, Jacob Nance, Jeffrey Allardyce, and Tyler Young)
     - Written works: Julia Rudlaff and Mikayla Thompson

dark metal podium with Nurture Your Roots cutout logo of plant with roots next to a wooden bench with trees behind
Photo courtesy of Maileen Bugnaski

Photos courtesy of Derrick Turner, University Communications.