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Wellbeing in the Garden

Beal Botanical Garden is a favorite place for people from campus and the community to unplug from the chaos of their everyday lives and enjoy the beauty of plants and nature. We also provide programming that can give you a path to improved wellbeing. 

Our guided tours to campus spaces where you can connect to nature, called Beal Nature Walks will be held from February 22 through May 31. Reconnect with nature, get outside, slow down, take a breath, and even learn a little botany. Over the course of spring, we’ll host weekly walking tours in the Beal Botanical Garden, on the historic oval around Beaumont Tower, Sanford Natural Area, and Baker Woodlot. The Beal Botanical Garden aims to promote wellbeing in the MSU community by building off the research showing that being outside supports physical and mental health with increased activity and facilitating connection, relaxation, and healing. These events will focus on spring ephemerals, nature walks, sustainability, forest bathing, plant identification, birding, and simply being together outside with fellow Spartans. Look for details on the Beal Botanical Garden events page.

The Nurture Your Roots program invites you to connect mind, body, and nature with practices to enrich wellbeing. Explore the garden, find a “rooting station," pause, and enjoy the beauty all around. These exercises were developed by your student and faculty peers across campus and highlight the connection between wellbeing and nature. 

Explore mindfulness through journaling with our Pocket Journal designed by Beal Scholar Elliot Pancioli.Copies of the pocket are available at the front entrance to the garden from W. Circle Dr. near the bulletin board and the brochure case near the garden shed/pond. 

During the warmer season we also partner with MSU Health4U, University Health and Wellbeing, and Yoga State of Mind, Body and Soul, LLC. to offer Yoga in the Garden. These classes are free, but registration is required. Watch the events page for more information. 

We also offer our Campus Meditation Map, which highlights places across campus where you can take a moment to center yourself and practice self-care, or just enjoy a beautiful view.

Photos courtesy of Anna McGuffie (left), University Communications (center) and Dr. Alan Prather (right).