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Campus Meditation Map


The Campus Meditation Map was created by Beal Scholar Anhad Viswananth as part of the Garden's Wellness program. The map and list of meditation sites can be accessed below, or downloaded as a PDF for printing here

Campus Meditation Map

1. W.J. Beal Botanical Garden


The Beal Garden has a diversity of uses, including plant walks, the river trail, and picnic tables. This space provides users with mindfulness opportunities through all five senses.

2. Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow is the space that represents the origins of the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden. It has an excellent topography that invites adventure and wonder for meditation exercises. The elevation also helps users make use of the power of meditation through different levels. Sleepy Hollow is located adjacent to West Circle Drive, which can be good for users who like meditating with traffic noise.

3. The Resilient Oak

The Resilient Oak was a tree that was damaged during a storm. The remains of the tree represent the resilience and determination of the Spartan spirit. Meditation exercises at this location could help users, especially students, connect with their resilience and be inspired. Visit our Tree Tour page to learn more about the Resilient Oak.

4. MSU Museum

The green space near the street offers a tranquil ambience with some traffic noise, creating an inclusive location for both meditators who like quietness and meditators who prefer some noise.

5. The Cowles House

The Cowles House is the house where the MSU President resides. The house is overlooked by a spectacular diversity of plants in the front yard and green space in the surrounding areas.

6. Williams Hall

Williams Hall has some nice green space outside that is elevated and overlooks the beautiful mass of Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) and Norway Spruce (Picea abies) trees. The trees provide shade and the elevation helps with better sound ventilation.

7. Human Ecology

Human Ecology includes a joint composition of pavers and green space that provides opportunity for meditation and observing the art of the sculptures on both sides.

8. Benefactor's Plaza

Benefactor’s Plaza includes mural artwork on the pillars that celebrate and honor the contributions of notable individuals. There is an interesting design of pervious surfaces and impervious surfaces.

9. The Fountain and Sculpture near Benefactor's Plaza

The fountain and sculpture provide an artistic and beautiful touch to the ambience of the plaza. They represent the natural environment and its tranquility in the midst of the maze through the plaza.

10. The Rock

The Rock is one place on campus where students get the opportunity to express their support for global issues and promote events and initiatives on campus. The location includes some terrain and elevation.

11. Giltner Hall

The space around Giltner Hall and the Psychology Building has some turf that might be a good buffer for the pervious sidewalk surface.

12. Mason Hall Lawn

The space includes an extensive walk-through with trees and the breeze they bring. The space provides a nice view of the Career Services Building and the Broad Art Museum.

13. Broad College of Business Lawn

The space is used occasionally for events hosted by the Broad College of Business. The space is nice for relaxing and enjoying the view of the Red Cedar River, with chairs and hammocks available for use.

14. Sanford Natural Area

Located behind McDonel Hall and Holmes Hall in the River Trail Neighborhood, the Sanford Forest is known for its rich trees and woodland. The woods even have a wonderful trail that connects with McDonel Hall.

15. Akers Hall

Akers Hall has an extensive outdoor space. The space has a good balance of turf and concrete surfaces.

16. Radiology Healing Gardens

The Radiology Healing Gardens have a beautiful ambience with their collection of native shrubs and the flowing stream. There is also plenty of tree canopy for breeze and shade.

17. Baker Woodlot

Baker Woodlot has a rich collection of trees and provides a nice forest ambiance. The space is frequently used for tours and hikes.

18. Clarence E. Lewis Landscape Arboretum

The arboretum also provides a nice selection of native plants. Additionally, the arboretum has a beautiful and calm ambience with water features and a rain garden.

19. MSU Horticulture Gardens

The Horticulture Gardens have a diverse selection of native plants that provide a beautiful walk-through.

20. Biomedical Engineering Building Garden

The garden has an adventurous circular design with rich and diverse plantings.

21. Plaza near the International Center (site of the former Livestock Judging Pavilion)

The plaza is an iconic landmark near the International Center. The space presents interesting artwork on the pillars and green space that provides a blend between the built environment and the natural environment.

22. The People’s Park

The People’s Park is a green space near Wells Hall and the International Center. The Office for International Students and Scholars hosts outdoor coffee hour events in the park each semester on Fridays.

23. Wells Hall

Wells Hall is the academic building often used for mathematics and language classes. It is surrounded by an outdoor seating space and green rooftops that provide a good location for wellness exercises. 

24. Red Cedar River

The Red Cedar River is the main river running through MSU’s campus and through the city of Lansing. The river represents the life blood of the Spartan community with its dark green color, as well as the determined and resilient quality of the Spartan spirit.

25. Hannah Administration Building

The Hannah Administration building overlooks the Red Cedar River. On one side is a green space and the other is carved stone. The rushing sound of the river and the sounds of the birds and ducks provide a nice and calming ambience for mindfulness.

26. Kalamazoo Street

Kalamazoo Street has a walking bridge overlooking the Red Cedar River. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the trees and plants by the riverbank and the sound of rushing water.

27. Cherry Lane Field

Cherry Lane Field is a green space located in South Neighborhood. The field is known for hosting Sparticipation during the fall. The lawn space and the trees make the field a very inviting one for mindfulness.

28. Brody Neighborhood

The Brody Neighborhood is one of the on-campus living neighborhoods known for its food and proximity to bus stops. Brody includes nice green spaces outside with a promenade seating space that invites opportunities to meditate and observe. The curved structure is another great place for visitors to enjoy daylight.

Beal Scholar

Anhad Viswanath

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hometown and Home Country: New Delhi, India

Major: Landscape Architecture

Hello! My name is Anhad Viswanath, and I am from New Delhi, India. I am senior at Michigan State University majoring in Landscape Architecture. I chose to major in Landscape Architecture for its wonderful opportunities in design, art, ecology and in the social sciences. MSU’s campus is one fantastic example of a sustainable landscape design and its inclusivity to everyone of all abilities. Observing the landscape design and natural composition of our university campus allowed me to ponder about its possible potential for promoting wellness and mediation exercises and initiatives on campus. Thinking about that drew me towards exploring interesting outdoor spots on campus, including Beal Garden, that could foster meditation. Through the project, I discovered how my chosen profession can offer interesting opportunities in designing outdoor spaces for the betterment of the users of all abilities and the community.